Pimsuda Tiandum

Pimsuda 2014

Pimsuda Tiandum, born and raised in Bangkok, the Country Director of Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Thailand.  I have been with CCS Thailand since its inception in 2002. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s degree in Community and Industrial Guidance and Counseling from universities in the United States. Prior to CCS, I had over 22 years of work experience in family health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, emergency relief work in refugee camps, development, and environmental awareness education.

My extensive experience includes 11 years working with the U.S. Peace Corps in Thailand, and over ten years of work in a variety of social services and educational settings – the regional office of Family Planning International Assistance, an international arm of Planned Parenthood of America; the Population and Community Development Association, a local NGO; and Mahidol University.  I believe deeply in a holistic approach to development and my biggest and most ambitious goal is to create a network of people from various cultural backgrounds to work together and share their experience to help improve life quality of underserved Thai people.