Muhamad Abdul Karim


Karim is his nick name and he has degree bachelor pharmacy. Taking a part on social project and gathering  with an amazing people  boosting him to be more active and creative. His passions are travelling and working for community development. He feels this is the new way for him to contribute and bring positive  impact to the community with the spirit of volunteerism. Growth and born with teacher family’s background, karim got influence and concern in education, social and health movement. While in college he is quickly immersed himself in various of student organization to improve his capability. These included Indonesian Pharmaceutical Student Council, as coordinator social movement ; health campaign ; tobacco control; HIV-AIDS as peer educator and Disaster Management Unit.

In 2012, Karim moved to (Prince Edward Island – Canada) as a part of Canada World Youth Exchange program, this six months program was focusing on health, environtment, gender equity and youth leadership. This program is really change his life, he is leaning and improves his leadership skiils including the concept of volunteerism. Amazing experience, living with the host family, relationship with counterpart, group and community is take a big part on his life and sharpening his future life’s goal. This experience boost him to have more values of caring, empathy and spirit of togetherness to work into community development.

His project during the Exchange program of Canada World Youth was focus on creating small business for the local youth and women’s group. The business that initiated it’s about Potato chips processing (Giving Means). He said he is feeling so glad because the business still sustain, they own their brand, creating various products from potatoes, and by this projectis helping the local youth and mother’s group get more income. Networking with Canada World Youth alumni around the world accelerate his project to spread out volunteerism virus in Indonesia. Inspiring from the values and experiences in Canada World Youth Exchange Program, recently, karim has shifted his focus toward development of primary education and empowering women and youth in Indonesia. Collaborate with the alumni Canada World Youth-Indonesia with other International and National youth program, by this youth movement his spread out the Volunteerism Virus named Sahabat Pulau (Island Buddy)currentlyhis working as Executive Director at Sahabat Pulau, a youth-led, community-based, and non-profit organization.

The organization aims to help people living in remote areas overcome the difficulties of accessing good educational opportunities or the tools necessary to support their education.  Since being founded on March 2012, the organization has focused on teaching, providing mini libraries, promoting local culture, and adding environmental education to existing coursework.  In addition, the organization also helps to provide scholarships to children with the potential to pursue higher education. Sahabat Pulau program relies on the efforts of Indonesian youth to overcome education problems in Indonesia. The “One Youth for One Children” concept aims to urge the younger generations to contribute to the educational development of children who come from underprivileged families.

The moment on 2nd anniversary, Sahabat Pulau launch new program called DESA-preneur (Deliver Education, Social and Art- Preneur), this program which focus on to educate and empower women and youth in rural through social entrepreneurship. One project site DESA-Preneur is located in Selayar Island (South Sulawesi) in collaborating with Econatural Foundation & Bina Insan Hayati Foundation, create the project Healthy Shredded Fish. Thisproject already present in Seattle on Social Entrepreneurship Exchange. Moreover, his commitment to bring impact in the community awarded as Finalist in World Youth Summit Award and be a Semifinalist in Tech-I Global Innovation Social and Technology (GIST) 2014. In the other hand, with DESA-Preneur we also Integrated Ecotourism, Education and Social Project in one village that being a role model where areas our mini library exist. This idea come out after Sahabat Pulau exist in that village, by the result of assessment that we create the project, this project organized by volunteer and local youth group.

In recognition of his outstanding work with initiative that promotes sustainable development national and international, Karim always trying to open more access and really welcoming for more ideas to imrpove his quality and project ofcourse with the spirit of collaboration.