Shintya Rahmi Utami

Shintya UtamiShintya Rahmi Utami, the eldest of three sisters, born in Pekanbaru, September 29, 1990. Tya earned the Bachelor of Business Management from Telkom Institute of Management. Studying business management, Tya always think about profit and loss for herself in every way. But after participating in volunteer activities, Tya find her passion and greater happiness in life than just having a lot of money, is living for greater good, living for others. Since then, Tya has been active in youth activity, such as youth empowerment, organize positive campaign, service project, community development, etc. As Tya want others to experience it, Tya convey the importance of service for youth, entrepreneur and leader in some occasion.

After Tya graduated, Tya committed to work for Global Peace Foundation Indonesia as Global Peace Youth Director. Equipped with her vision, leadership and skill in management, Global Pace Youth Indonesia expanded in many provinces in Indonesia. Tya focus on empowering youth outside capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Tya want to provide equal opportunity for youth in local area to be engaged in youth activity and global movement. Tya invest her time on guiding local youth leader to take initiative and ownership to do something for community and become the change maker. With her passion and patience, Tya guide, inspire and empower youth to develop their community.