Global Peace Foundation Joins and Asia-Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance to Coordinate Youth Volunteer Efforts in Aftermath of Nepal Earthquake

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck central Nepal on April 25 caused catastrophic damage in the towns and villages near the quake’s epicenter, as well as widespread destruction in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital.

In addition to more than 6,200 casualties—a number that continues to rise—some 130,000 homes have been destroyed and tens of thousands have been displaced. Even as aid and rescue efforts expand, slowly reaching remote villages in the mountain regions closer to the epicenter, progress has been impeded due to broken infrastructure and inclement weather.

As many residents are lining up to leave Kathmandu for fear of aftershocks and disease, local youth are stepping up to volunteer with relief efforts in the city.

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The Global Peace Foundation is joining forces with members of the AsiaPacific Peace and Development Service Alliance (APPDSA) to train and deploy these young Nepali responders. The Global Peace Foundation and APPDSA invited New Zealand Student Volunteer Corps founder Sam Johnson, who is credited for training and mobilizing thousands of student volunteers after major earthquakes hit his hometown of Christchurch in 2010 and 2011, to train, coordinate and dispatch the young volunteers.

Johnson together with Global Peace Youth and other Alliance partners are working with local staff to train youth in areas such as aid distribution, resource coordination,  volunteer support, IT and social media outreach. The GPF Nepal office, which remains standing, has become the central coordinating and training headquarters for volunteers, who are being deployed from seven stations in Kathmandu and surrounding areas. The youth volunteer recruitment and training efforts has been dubbed “Rise Nepal.”    

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Discussions for long-term plans to assist critical recovery and rebuilding needs are also underway. The emergency volunteer mobilization is part of a long-term strategic development plan supported by the Global Peace Foundation, Nepal’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, the AsiaPacific Peace and Development Service Alliance, and the Alliance’s many international, regional and national public and private partners and youth networks.

The goal of the joint development plan is to empower youth in Nepal’s recovery and tackle long-term systemic impediments to opportunity and social cohesion among youth.  It will also engage young volunteers in initiatives for peace and shared prosperity, furthering the aims of Nepal’s Youth Vision 2025 on the basis of universally shared principles and values, which was announced at the recent Asia-Pacific youth volunteering forum.

Every Little Bit Put Together Can #RiseNepal

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On May 2, little seven-year-old Aarush arrived at the Global Peace Foundation Nepal office in Kathmandu and donated 390 NRs, everything from his piggy bank, to the “Rise Nepal” relief efforts.

Aarush’s contribution is but a snapshot of the many heroes rising up from the dust in the aftermath of the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake that shook the heart of the nation.

#RiseNepal is a youth led volunteer effort supported by the Global Peace Foundation and other members of the AsiaPacific Peace and Development Service Alliance(APPDSA), mobilizing volunteers committing their time, expertise and energy to rebuild Nepal, brighter and stronger. 

Even as residents are evacuating Nepal’s capital, volunteers are showing up every day to join #RiseNepal. May 4 marks the sixth day of the campaign. Heroic local Nepali are providing much needed manpower, services and inspiration to local communities and grass roots and international organizations such as the Rotract Club, Red Cross, police, municipalities, community leaders, and non-profits, who are on the ground providing relief and recovery. So far, more than 200 volunteers have pitched in.

Sam Johnson, co-chair of the disaster track of the Asia Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance and founder of the Volunteer Army in New Zealand trained the first wave of volunteers, telling them, “Be prepared to deliver any service, anywhere to the earthquake victims.”

And volunteers have done just that. From cleaning rubble to distributing and delivering food and medical supplies, building tents and promoting cleanliness in the makeshift settlements for displaced people, and bringing solar lanterns to remote households who have been without electricity, volunteers have extended their services far and wide. A medical team led by a member of the Asia Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance brought a team of medical professionals to Barahi Temple in Bhaktapur. More recently a team of engineering students and professionals has been assembled to assess the integrity of the buildings in Kathmandu. Teams have been dispatched to Tudikhel, Bhaktapur, Barhabise, Sindhupalchowk,  Gotikhel, Nuwakot, Sankhu, Gongabu and as far out as Gorkha.

Little Aarush’s piggy bank donation, the time and love of the growing number of #RiseNepal volunteers, the outpouring of concern and help from every corner of the world, every little bit put together can move the mountain of rubble and help #RiseNepal. 

To contribute to #RiseNepal:

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