GPDSA Statement

1 March 2017, Manila, Philippines


GPC 2017 was our largest Convention to date, convening 3,500+ diverse attendees from over 40
nations with a principled vision for building peace, service and and moral and innovative leadership.
The convention was followed by the convening of nearly 10,000 youths at the Global Youth Summit in
the Mall of Asia, Manila addressing the SDGs, co-sponsored by SM Cares and Global Peace Foundation
and a dynamic Global Peace Concert, along with a special technology tools training sponsored by IBM.
During the Convention, on March 1 more than 500 young leaders from 40 countries, as well as major
world development and corporate partners, participated in the Global Forum on Youth Leadership and
Service for Peace and Development, which presented innovative new strategies and partnerships to
advance a culture of service around the globe. The session participants teamed up to enhance
knowledge and strategies with regard to youth participation in fulfilling SDGs, and to form crossregional
and cross-cultural youth service networks in the region. Among the participants were
representatives of government agencies dealing with youth issues, civil society, development partners
and the private sector, who engaged in lively debates and discussions on enhancing partnerships to
address key challenges in clusters of the environment, health, disaster response, peace and youth

Global Peace and Development Service Alliance (GPPDSA)

A signifiant outcome of the Global Service Forum was the launch of the Global Peace and Development
Service Alliance (GPDSA), a multi-sector collaboration to advance a culture of service through
promotional and programmatic initiatives, engaging corporate, government, and civil society support.
To achieve measurable impacts and establish a strong evidence-based record in answering the many
challenges of ongoing conflict and underdevelopment, the GPDSA is developing a series of initiatives in
diverse areas that include:

 A Peace Track to respond to emerging crises across borders, beginning in India and Pakistan
and eventually including the whole of South Asia, with Yuvsatta (youth for peace), an NGO
based in Chandigarh, India and Pramod Sharma as lead for this initiative.

 An Environmental Service Track encouraging sustainable waste and water management and
basic hygiene including initiatives such as Swachgraha in India, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance,
Bagmati River cleaning in Nepal, Kariobangi waste to energy project led by youths in Nairobi
Kenya, and water management with Nicholas Lee from Clean Water Unite Project (CUP) and
Shrijana Sitikhu from GPF Nepal as leads.

 A Technology and Innovation Track to support the involvement of youth in development
initiatives for sustainable livelihoods. A Tech-Expo is scheduled in Incheon, South Korea from
30th November to 3rd December for promotion of this initiative with David Yoo of Love In Lights
as the lead.

 A Disaster Preparedness and Response Service Track to mitigate the impact of natural hazards
and crisis situations such as earthquakes and typhoons with Ram Rohan Panta, coordinator of
Rise Nepal and Leonard Faustino, from GPF Philippines as leads. Phara Win Metripop from
Volunteer Service Action Thailand will be contacted to support his initiative.

2017 Upcoming Events

Major scheduled events in 2017 to promote to further build upon the launch of the Global Peace and
Development Service Alliance and promote moral and innovative youth leadership include:

 International Youth Leaders Assembly from 7th to 17th August, 2017 at the United Nations in
New York and the World Bank in Washington DC, United States of America (details at

 12th Global Youth Peace Fest- GYPF 2017 from 29th September to 3rd October, 2017 in
Chandigarh, India and Lahore, Pakistan (details at

 Technology Expo from 30th November to 3rd December, 2017 in Incheon, South Korea.

 National meetings will be organized including an upcoming APPDSA event in Kathmandu, Nepal
in April. Further details to be posted at:

The organizers thank IBM, SM Cares, SAP and KOICA among other sponsors for their example of
corporate social responsibility and ongoing support in promoting a global culture of service.