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What is a missionary position?

What is a missionary position?

Mostly people feel good doing sex in a simple way. All know about missionary sex positions. At the time of sexual intercourse, people usually adopt this sex position. According to the 2011 survey, women who are feminists and prefer to keep men in control, they prefer this position more.

In this position, the male is over the woman and the two face each other face-to-face. Many people rubbing their partner's sexual organs with their hands for more sensation. More than that, many people licks the vagina of the girl with their tongue. While doing this the sexual orgasm generate in her. Clitoris is more sensitive part of the girl's body. If you rushes this part then produce stimulation in the girl.

Doing this increases the excitement in the girl and the desire for sexuality also increases. When both partners stick to each other,then the boy suppresses the girl's boobs and pulls the nipples. So that the excitement may increase further.

With this,a woman lies on the bed or spreads with her legs. The man lies on top, facing her. The men is also laid between her legs and may be insert penis in her vagina. The man generally controls the power and depth of thrusting while the woman can move her hips and grind. They are stick to bottom to top. They are doing kissing, rubbing and licking in their partners body. The man do not leave full weight on her body.

Repeatedly penetration of penis leads to the discharge lubrication of the girl. Then insert finger inside of vagina for comfortable doing sex. With this the stimulation is increase because of inserting finger. That provide more stimulation in this position. Sometimes it happens that,the men gives shocks on her waist with loudly. Then the women do not take any movements. That trembling her legs and stomach also. Both of them are sexually absorbed in sex. Together,both of the eye contact remains. In this position,there is also trust in their partner. The missionary position is also a basic position, so it's easier than cowgirl's position, doggy style and standing position and it will be the position where men will lead.

A lot of kinds of missionary positions

A lot of kinds of missionary positions

Although there are many types of missionary positions through which sexual satisfaction can be give to their partner. It is found in the bottom of the girl is laid and the boy is on top. There are times in the boy too below. Just being sticking to the boy and the girl is found. This keeps the whole body a constant. They are stick to each other and make eyes contact for increase believe.

Many times the girl is laid down on the floor with spreads her legs. The man also laid on the girl between her legs. Both are stick together with full nude body. It is nice way for sex because of in this kissing, sucking and penetration of their partner.

On the other hand, the girl's legs are raised up by the man. The man raises the girl's legs for insert the penis in the girl's vagina. This leads to tightness in the sex organs of the girl. Thereby, both of partner enjoy double fun with penetrations.

In this position,the boy and the girl are quite close to each other. So the sexual orgasm generate in their partner. The excitement of any partner is dependent on kissing,rubbing and penetrating.

More pleasant,missionary position technique

More pleasant,missionary position technique

In this,the stimulation is generated when both of them are sticking to each other. This creates a sensation in the anus. A compression is generated throughout the body. Both are enjoy sensation in their body and sexual pleasure. Missionary position is a technique for comfortable sex with their partner.

When the naked body is touch with someone's. Then the friction generates in the body. When the nude body is touch with other naked body,there creates sensation in their body. With this,the penis of the boy is insert in the vagina of the girl,then the rubbing produces in the body. The filling and sensation generates from them. These things are the same in both partners.

At the time of climax you found that pleasurable for their partner. With this using pelvic muscles is robust with help of the position. The sensation produce in the body while rubbing. Along with this,the penetration of penis girl's vagina leads to friction,resulting in both stimulation and sensation. Both partners get infinite orgasm pleasure from this friction.


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