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Orgasmic problem in women?

Orgasmic problem in women?

Female orgasm problems and sex pain are common somewhere. The proper definition for this problem is the difficulty or inability in women to reach and achieve orgasm during sexual arousal or stimulation. This problem is known as the name of orgasmic dysfunction. The same as men also face the same problem. This is called the erectile dysfunction. When women arouse they can feel wet for some-time but after some time their arousal and feelings are gone.

This condition may stay for long-life and also for sometimes so you have to take medication and consult from the doctors. Sometime orgasmic and sexual dysfunction in women depends on the age of women. Because sometimes women are not at the right age to do masturbation and penetration either they are in menopause age so that time they cannot reach or achieve orgasm at that moment. So its important do masturbation and sex in right age so you can get right masturbation effect. But if you are doing that all things at the right time then you have a problem in reaching orgasm then you should talk about this problem with your doctor. .

Causes of orgasmic problems in women?

Causes of orgasmic problems in women?

There are many causes of the orgasmic problem in women so we can talk about some of these causes here-

Older age

As we explain before that orgasm and orgasmic problems are also depends on the ages so that some people also face the problem when they are in older age and also in menopause age.

Medical condition

Some women have faced some medical condition since very long time. And if women have face medical problems like diabetes. Then in this condition, you can face the problem of achieving masturbation orgasm.


Stress and depression both are also one of the very common problems that may disturb your sexual arousal and sexual health.

Relationship issues

Relationship problem and issues build up those types of women sex problems. Partners or women, because when problems in relationship then both partners cannot able to understand the problem of each other’s, Or sometimes lack of trust also creates issues.

Treatment of orgasm dysfunction in women?

Treatment of orgasm dysfunction in women?

The treatment of orgasmic dysfunction also depends on the cause of the condition. Like if stuck in between all the problems of family, children’s, or office works. So this is called stress that is why you cannot completely focus on your work of orgasm or maybe sex orgasm delay because of this problem. So you have to solve these types of stress problem or may fight with the problems.

Next, if you face this orgasm problem because of the relationship and trust issues so both of you have to talk about the problem and solve this soon so that you can fight with both problems one is the orgasm problem and another is the relationship problem. If you have any type of medical and physical condition or problems like anxiety, diabetes then you can easily consult with your doctor and take the best cure. Of if you want then you can easily take help from masturbation guide and you can also focus on the foreplay, sex exercise and position so that they makes you feel more arouse.


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