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Exercise really makes your sex better?

Exercise really makes your sex better?

We all know that how important exercise for all people but the new thing is to exercise is also good for a better sex life. Exercise really makes your body flexible and stretchy so that you can easily move your body during sex, foreplay and positions. It burns the calories also, exercise is also better for those people who want to resolve their weight and very conscious about the body.

If people do work out on their regular basis then they can feel the changes in before and present time. You are defiantly happy with the results. So we can say that for sex and for masturbation nothing is better than exercise. Exercise also improves your inner body system like it also provides you better masturbation orgasm the feeling of sex orgasm and arousal is also improved by the exercise. Exercise also improves your blood pressure and it increased the blood circulation so that when you’re involving into the sex you can see that you feel more arousal in less time. Beside that you also have to know all about the sex for that you can easily take help of masturbation guide or sex guide.

Why sex is best exercise for body? Explain?

Why sex is best exercise for body? Explain?

When we talk about the exercise we can say that sex and foreplay is also a good exercise for the body. When you are aroused and during the penetration, your blood circulation may increase and you can feel sweaty. It’s all just because that sex is the other name of exercise and it also improves your body. It is also good for prevent the effect of sexual dysfunction in women and other women sexual problem. After sex, you can feel more energetic and full of boost not as before like sex pain. There are some main reasons that why sex is better to exercise for body

It reduces stress level

Yes that is right that sex reduces the stress level. In this busy present life, people are so frustrated and stressful. When you suddenly involving in sex you can feel relax. Even a hug boosts your oxytocin level and makes you feel more clams and relax. The next moment when stretched your hips also releasing too much stress and tension stored in the psoas. Psoas is the major muscle around your pelvis.

Sleep better

As we talk that sex reduces the stress level, and when you feel relaxed and your body also feels very calm and easy you can easily feel sleep. It also happens because of the orgasm, orgasm released the hormone which known as prolactin which is especially linked with deep sleep. It is also better for female orgasm problem.

Best exercises for better sex?

Best exercises for better sex?

There are certain specific exercises for sex which makes your sex better. So you can try some of these-


Plank is a simple exercise but it is not basic. It strengthens your core muscles which are really good for sex and health. It helps to build muscles around the pelvis. You have to make a push-up position but it’s not a push-up exercise. Next, you have to bend your legs with the help of your knees. Don’t move your front half body when you’re doing that.


You heard before about the squat and jump-squat. This is one of the best exercises for boosting your sex level and it also makes you ready for the intense and for marathon sex also. You just have to stand on your feet and bend your hand in front of your face with closing palms. Next, you have to jump and with half bend your knees.


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