• Sexual dysfunction in women

What is sexual dysfunction in women?

What is sexual dysfunction in women?

Sexual problem or sexual dysfunction includes desire, arousal, orgasmic, and sex pain disorders. Sexual dysfunction refers to a problem during the phase of sexual response cycle that prevents individually and couples from experience satisfaction from sexual activity. We can say that in easy words that the sexual dysfunction is the name of any sexual disorder and having a problem in achieving orgasm. Sexual dysfunction is common in women around 43% of women face the problem of erectile dysfunction.

There are many symptoms of erectile dysfunction like-

Low sexual desire

There is many of women who have no interest in the sexual activities because of sex pain and other reasons.

Sexual arousal disorder

Some women have problem and difficulty to arouse properly, or if they arouse then they can’t able to maintain the arousal.

Orgasmic disorder

Some women are not fully aroused when they are having intercourse they have face problem in achieve sex orgasm.

Cause of sexual dysfunction in women?

Cause of sexual dysfunction in women?

There are different causes and reasons for sexual dysfunction in women-

Physical cause

Many physical or medical conditions can affect your sexual life. Present times of people especially women ’s have many diseases and problems like- diabetes, heart disease, neurological disease, hormonal imbalance, kidney disease or liver failure, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Along with that some of the medications and the anti-depression drug can affect your sexual desire and sexual life. Psychological cause- The biggest psychological of the people is any type of stress whether it is work stress or family stress, every men and woman who lives in any country they are completely stressed out and this is one of the main reasons of sexual problems and dysfunctions.

Hormonal changes

Estrogenic level is down when people are in menopause age. Infect people face most of the problems in the age of menopause. And hormonal changes are normal at any age.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction?

Treatment of sexual dysfunction?

As we say that sexual dysfunction is a common problem in women and men also and that there is treatment also.

Providing education

To prevent the effect of female orgasm problem education about human autonomy, sexual life, and function, and normal changes is also important. The people also have to gain some education on their levels.

Enhancing stimulation

For prevents some effect of sexual dysfunction, enhancing the stimulation of the whole body is important. If you feel pleasurable and stimulating then you can achieve the masturbation orgasm easily. You have to concentrate on the foreplay. Foreplay is best to step of whole sex and masturbation to feel more stimulating and orgasmic. Next thing is you can also add some technics and positions in your sex and masturbation.


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