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What is the standing position?

What is the standing position?

Standing Position is one of best sex position where girl is lean back on a wall in front of standing men. In standing position men allow penetration to her on standing doggy style. Standing position do not require more place. Means it so not required proper bedroom. Couples can perform this position in kitchen, drawing room even on stairs too. The standing position is done by sticking and hugging. It is not necessary that both partners are completely naked. But both are stand up, it is necessary. In this position, both partner hold a eye contact makes throughout the intercourse.

Advantages and types of standing position

Advantages and types of standing position

Standing position is the best for gaining sexual encounter. In standing position you can feel sexual pleasure more and deep. In this position when you picks up your partner in both hands to allow penis penetration in her vagina that time you will feel friction by penetration.

Most of the people do not comfortable in this position. So they are not interested in this position, But standing position gives more sensation and intercourse. Because in this position, whole naked body touches to each other. As you know, in missionary and cowgirl position full pressure is mange by female partner only. But in standing position both partner make affords. Both partners are involved in a same manner. There are three types of standing position which gives more sexual arousal and are comfort.

Standing sex position from front side:

In this situation, male and female partners are opposite to each other. Male partner picks up their partner in his own hands. Then he puts penis in her vagina and the friction happens and at that time both feel stimulation. Male partner must try this way for gaining sexual arousal and sexual encounter. While doing this, both partner will enjoy double sex pleasure.

Standing sex position from back side:

In this position, partners can take help to the wall. But for this you should know one thing, masculinity force is necessary in male. So that he easily enjoy the sexual intercourse with their female partner. This position can be good for vaginal sex and anal sex.

Go three legged:

In this position the partner raises one leg of female partner and before allow penetration. He rubs women's vagina by his hand for generate sexual arousal. Then puts the penis in the vagina. While rubbing women feel sensation. After raises leg, men can easily penetrate penis in her vagina.

How to feel more comfortable at the standing position

How to feel more comfortable at the standing position

If you have vaginal sex or anal sex, in both situations sexual pleasure will gets double with correct standing position. While doing this, friction is produce in her vagina and anus because pressure will produce in the genitals.

At that time partners are fills with great excitement. By the way, rubbing and kisses also gives sensation and more comfort with in the standing position. Whether the situation is the front or back, both conditions are thrilling and amusement. When you get tired doing of the same sex position. So, it can fulfill sexual desire with happiness and give better sexual life. Twice the excitement and enthusiasm with the standing sex position and brings newness to life.


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