• Exposed eagle sex position is one of women on top position. Let's make sexual life better

What is the eagle sex position?

What is the eagle sex position?

The eagle sex position is one of hardest sex position for the couples. To perform, eagle sex position, you required a better level of flexibility and strength in the body. It is position where women is on the top like a cowgirl sex position. The women is one that required a good flexibility, if you are not the one then it is difficult for you to execute it in better way and can be pretty miserable time.

If you want to enjoy this amazing sex position like other missionary position, doggy style, 69 position, standing etc, then follow our steps. One of the easiest way to get into the Eagle position, is to get the Cowgirl position first. Because it s most similar like that. Women need to be on the top of the men. The man kneels at the edge of the bed or floor, where they want to perform sex position and sex intercourse. Now, women need to be on top. So women comes over man with your knees on either side of him. You need to lie down over the man’s thighs and knees with their back. At that time, you required flexibility. Make yourself comfortable. If it is difficult for you to touch the man’s thighs and knees, then he can raise his knees if you aren’t flexible enough for the support and make position easy. Now, women are in position, man have to raise her back in the seating position. Mean allow penetration to the women. In this position, penetration is very deep and satisfying for the woman. He can put his arms despite his good support to help himself, or he can put them around your lower back.

The level of penetration and sexual pleasure is depend on the men's height in this sex position. Women and men can enjoy the a prime view of all the action.

Things you should consider while performing the eagle sex position

Things you should consider while performing the eagle sex position

Lot of couples tried the eagle sex position with their partner, but it is not compulsory that everyone enjoyed it that much. It is easy for some people to do, but not for some. Here I am suggesting you some of feedback that are given by the ones who tried eagle sex position and want share their experience.

• If you want to try eagle sex position, your should start stretching beforehand. Stretching make your flexible to gain the correct eagle sex position. Women should concentrate on the stretching their quads and men should concentrate on their back.

• If you really want to do eagle sex position, you are supposed to keep your legs bent. Sex is not about the rules and regulation, it is about fun and comfortness. If you are comfortable, then you can enjoy the sex. So, it is no strict rule to bend your knees. If you are not that flexible, you can go with straight out kegs instead of bending your knees.

• Eagle sex position is also suitable for the anal play. But here I am advising that if you really want to try anal play. Should try vaginal sex first. If you find position is comfortable in the vaginal penetration, then go for the next level. One more thing, never go for the anal sex just after the vaginal sex. It increase the sexually transmission disease. If you want to, wash up the things or use condom. Use different condom for different penetration. It is safe for you.


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