• Women sex problems

Women sex problems?

Women sex problems?

Women face different sex problems in their regular life. These types of problems can able to hit your mind and body, the probability that you can face many physical and mental problems. These are some problems-

Lack of desire

Some women have the problem that when they involving in any type of sexual activity or masturbation then they not be able to be in the mood. It is a common complaint among women. But the main question why it happens? So we can say that there may be many reasons. So we can talk about the very first and famous reason for all sexual problems and that is ‘stress. But the thing is lack of desire in women is a very complex problem.

Lack of arousal

We all know that during the sexual activity arousal is a very important thing, because when women aroused then increase the blood flow in the clitoris and surrounding parts which stimulates the fluids and through blood vessels into the vagina. Or in short and easy way we can see that when women arouse this all happens and women get ready to receive a penis in their vagina but if they are not ready and aroused. Then the intercourse may be so painful and they also don’t able to achieve the orgasm properly.


This is a kind of inability to orgasm in women’s. Some women have trouble reaching the orgasm during sex.


Some women feel sex pain during intercourse and after the intercourse sometimes, and this is also known as dyspareunia.

Cause and symptoms?

Cause and symptoms?

There are many causes and symptoms of women sexual problems some of main are-

Relationship causes

We can say that relationship problem is one of the main causes of women sexual problem. Because women take time to reach the sex orgasm and masturbation orgasm and feeling arouse so men have to take extra care for that so women can move forward from this problems. And men have to understand the thing that his arousal is not only important in the sexual activity his women also have to feel aroused.

Emotional causes

Depression and anxiety and stress are one of the main causes for female orgasm problem.

Other causes

There are many other types of causes that women face sex problems. Like insufficient stimulation, gynaecologic causes like vaginal dryness, physical or mental causes.

Treatments of sex problems in women?

Treatments of sex problems in women?

Majority of all these types of problems can be solved by you and your partner alone with a little openness. So the very first treatment for all these problems is that you both have to understand each other problems. Men have to take extra care if their women partner faces all these types of sexual problem and search a cure for her problems. Enhance the romance in your sexual life it is the best treatment for all these sexual problems. For that you can take more time during foreplay making sex with different types of techniques and positions. If you have any major physical issues for a long time then you have to consult your doctor or gynaecologists like sexual dysfunction in women.


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